Phone:(03) 9646 9991

Phone:(03) 9646 9991

Eye Examination

The primary component of an examination is to ensure that the spectacle prescription meets the individual requirement of everyday life. This consists of checks for distance, near and binocular vision.


As people live longer in the new century, they are frequently outliving the functional life of their eyes. We are particularly concerned with ageing changes, especially cataracts, glaucoma and macula degeneration. The examination includes a microscope assessment of the front and a stereoscopic investigation of the inside of the eye, followed by measurement of the intra-ocular pressure for glaucoma.


Onsite Lab

Eyes2Port offers a full in house lab, which allows us to make most prescriptions both accurately and quickly. Our slogan “Glasses Made While You Wait” means that your glasses will be ready the same day you order them, provided that the lenses are in stock.